Sep 17, 2014

These boots.

TSHIRT: (thrifted) American Apparel 
SHORTS: American Apparel 
Necklacees: Assorted
Hat: Urban Outfitters (here)
Boots: Jefferey Campbell ((here)

Nashville has hit the first signs of Autumn and it has been absolutely dreamy. After I landed from San Francisco, I didn't have to make much of a transition from their weather to ours, which was really nice.  My birthday was so great in San Francisco. We ate at so many good restaurants, went to a really cool Motown Monday dance party, and had lots and lots of good drinks and laughs. I unfortunately started to get sick on the actual day of my birthday, which was a huge bummer because I had to fly out the next day with a huge sinus headache. When I got back into Nashville, I had to cancel all of my plans for the weekend that I was going to have with my Nashville friends. I had so much fun in San Fran though. I could see living there one day for sure. 
These boots are creeping back into my wardrobe with no complaints. They make any outfit look way better, haha. 

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Chandra Rae

Sep 9, 2014

Big Sur, CA

Well, I'm not sure if you have been following on my instagram, but for my birthday I decided to travel to San Francisco to visit some friends! The west coast has always stollen my heart but my love for northern California can't be beat. Last year I went on a week long coast trip from San Francisco to Portland with some friends, stopping a few days in each place. I was only in San Fran for about two days last time, as well as two days in the redwood forrest and two days in Portland. The group that I went with last time stopped in Los Angeles and Big Sur before meeting me in San Francisco and I was so sad that I missed Big Sur but I had to make a decision on which leg of the trip I wanted to make. Big Sur since then has been a destination that I've had on my mind for years. When I told Marissa and Katie that I was visiting and that I wanted to make no plans, they took on the challenge! A few days before I left, they texted me if I had ever been to Big Sur and if I wanted to go and stay in a lodge. I just about died! Then they mentioned also hiking in the Redwood Forrest and I almost dropped my phone. I can't describe how I feel when I'm in the woods. Whenever I ever have any anxiety or stress over anything, I usually go for a hike. It's something about being around something bigger than myself that has also been around for way longer than any of my problems.

Most of my photos can be found on my instagram, but here are a few that I took on my actual camera instead of my phone. BIG SUR IS BREATH TAKING. I can't even handle it. There were times that we would make a turn around the mountains and I would literally lose my breath. I felt tears well in my eyes. There is no better place! We went to Pfeiffer Beach and I'm convinced that sitting there in the PURPLE sand that it may be the most beautiful places in the world. 
These two girls have been the most hospitable girls in the world! They have made my entire time here absolutely amazing. It's awesome to be able to find people who have the same interests as you. I have had some of the best food I've ever had in my life, seen so many beautiful places, and hopped around to some amazing coffee shops. 

Find more of my pictures Here

Sep 6, 2014

Transitioning into Autumn

ROMPER : Abercrombie & Fitch
Thank you all for reading my last post about my up-coming journey. I can't wait to share with you the experiences I will surely have living in SE Asia. My last post was the most read post in Modern Day Charm history! A lot of things will be changing for me in the next year, and my blog will be transitioning through it all. I'm not sure what that entirely looks like.  I do know, I wont be spending much money on new clothing, haha. So reusing statement pieces in different ways will be fun to try!
Nashville has been HOT HOT HOT. I am aching for autumn so much! My favorite time of the year is autumn, with cozy knits and layers. I've always dressed more comfortably and felt more my self in autumn. It is a good idea to have transitional pieces to mix up your outfits between seasons. Rompers are a piece of wardrobe that I normally would categorize as a summer staple. When you mix it with thigh highs/knee highs, it adds an immediate fall look. Top it with an open, mid-thigh length cardigan, and you have yourself a full on fall outfit. 
The next 6 nights and 5 days, I will be spending time in San Francisco! I can't wait! I will be boarding my plane tomorrow morning and spending time through my birthday there with some friends. I've already packed my camera, so I'll definitely be posting pictures when I get back. In the meantime, follow my Instagram. I will be posting on there throughout the trip!