Jul 21, 2014

Easy Breezy

HAT : TARGET (old)

These last two weeks have been quite a roller coaster! I am so close to being able to spill the beans on what is happening lately! I'm so excited to share with you all the upcoming news, I could scream!  Life is about to change dramatically for me and I have been just accepting the ride as it comes. 
Lately I have not been able to stop listening to Sleeping at Last. Well, I should preface with the fact that they've always been on my most played list... at least for the past 10 years. You know that one band that no matter what, their songs peace to your soul without warning? That's what it's like for me. 
I hope you all have a fabulous week! 

Jul 15, 2014

Turn, Turn, Turn


This outfit may be one of my favorite yet. The slip is so versatile and can be worn in so many ways. I wore this to the Free People back yard party I attended earlier this month. I coupled with with black shorts underneath and a flannel on top to add more of a edgy look.  
This weekend I drove through the smokey mountains to spend a small amount of time in Pine Hurst, North Carolina. That little town is so charming! My dad recently moved there and my grandma is a week out from moving there, so I will be visiting there more often! I didn't take any other pictures than iPhone pictures, that you can find on my instagram! The next time I go, I will make sure to remember my camera (which I never do. I HAVE to get better at that!). On the way down from the smokeys, we drove through the national park to get to a very charming valley. It was SO beautiful! I've always been a mountains over beach kinda gal, so I was so incredibly happy to be there. 
I have quite a few exciting things that I've had to keep on the hush hush happening lately, but I am so close to being able to share them with you all! I can't wait! Be on the look out because I'll probably just drop it all in one post. 

Photos by Will Vastine

Jul 12, 2014


My good friend Dan Rouse of Wheat & Co. invited me to be one of his hand selected bloggers to do a feature in his shop called FOR HIM | FROM HER. If you know me personally, you would know how much love I have for mens fashion and accessories. I've always been obsessed with the smells (from candles to aftershaves), the attention to detail in how pieces are constructed, and the simple yet well fitted nature of well-made mens clothing. I was so excited he included me in this! He wanted us to pick out a few things that we would choose for a boyfriend or husband. Ladies, if you want to treat your men, stop in or go online to his website. You could essentially go in with your eyes closed and randomly select anything and have the perfect gift.
My "For Him" would be full of essentials to travel with and everyone deserves a good tote! I'm obsessed with this one by Knickerbocker Mfg. CO. You could carry your favorite book or a light sweater for when the sun goes down. I also picked out the Striped Revival Fairbault Woolen Mill blanket. Having a blanket in your car is essential for random picnics,  stops on the side of the road for sunsets, etc. This one is so well made, you could probably hand it down a few generations ;).
Of course I picked out one of the hats. If you've been following along, you've seen my assortment of mens hats that I wear almost daily. I love a well structured hat and most times than not, you can't find one like that for women. This is the Luke Vintage Fedora by Yellow 108

Photography by Robby Klein